Things You Should Know If You Want To Study English Education Course In The University


First of all, I must dare to say English Education as a course is one of the best courses in the whole world. Anytime I say this, many people do laugh in ridicule, but little do they know what’s attached to the course. It is so saddening that many of the students studying the course do not even know the kind of opportunities they will get from it; they just believe it’s all about teaching. I tell you today, teaching is just one of the numerous opportunities opened to those who study the course, English Education; there are lot more advantages.  I believe a lot of you must have put in for other courses like Law or Political Science and  for one reason or the other you have found yourself studying English Education. Probably you didn’t meet the cut off marks. You might feel sad or broken at first by this, but, trust me, you shall come to be grateful. To have found yourself here in this department, you will forever be grateful to God. It’s only if you have made up your mind not to explore the many advantages attached to it that you will find it threadbare.

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First of all, you will be crowned a B.A ED certificate. This is a double honour which means you’re a certified scholar of English Arts as well as a recognised Educationist. You could stand your ground in the world of creativity as well as the world of impacts. Forget about the certificate, what is it that somebody who studies English cannot do? Where on earth can he or she not work? You can work in court, you can work in media house, you can be a journalist, a distinguished writer, an editor of books and scripts, a producer, an actor, a model, a fashion designer,   and so many others just name it. You can even be a commentator of a football association to tell you of the extent to which this course can take you to. Even if you sell sachet water, with this langauge called English, kings will come to buy from you. Your way of communicating and advertising will be so different.   Why do you have all these advantages? You’re studying a langauge that is golden. A language that is official; a langauge that has contributed to the growth and development of many countries; a langauge that has been used to establish peace and harmony. And, in your own case, you’re not just studying it at the peripheral level as someone who just wants to learn how to speak it, you’re studying it in totality. All these opportunities apart, when it comes to teaching, you shall be chosen before those in Arts because you have not just B.A but also a bag that contains education. You become a hot cake that everybody strives to get. You do not only “sabi” English but you also know how to go about teaching people and making them understand it without a slice of difficulty. English is everywhere. Everybody does it in their first year in the university. Everybody writes it in JAMB. Why? Because it’s a key to many doors. 

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So you will agree with me that English Education is of course a course that has lots of merits; however, it’s not for the lazy ones. It’s a competitive course, and, as such, you need to focused, committed and creative. Otherwise, you will end up finding nothing but pain and regret in it.

About “First Class,” it’s also possible too. People have graduated with a First Class in English and still graduating and will still graduate. But whoever wants to achieve this must be disciplined and determined as well. The person must start building it up from the moment he steps into the department and continue with doubled energy every semester. But in all, don’t be too desperate. It’s good to have good grades, but also focus on knowledge too. Focus on knowing the course and being able to defend your knowledge too for that’s what matters most. In the end, people will come to respect you for what you know and not what you graduate with.  Aim high, fix your mind to learn and work towards it.

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That’s all I have for you. 



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