Miscellaneous Errors in English


Dear highly esteemed readers, presumably, I believe that your English speaking proficiency is on the increase daily. Remember, your accent is your access; and your expression is your impression. Thus we must strive to gain mastery in those areas.

Today, I want to correct fifteen(15) expressions that many a people have accepted without a blink of thought if really they are correct:

1. She has put to bed.❌

She has put to birth.✔️

She has given birth.✔️

Many people use the above expression to mean that one gave birth, but PUT TO BED means, to help someone, for example a child, go to bed.

2. The job is TASKING.❌

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The job is TAXING.✔️

When something is difficult or burdensome, it is taxing, not tasking.

3. He has WHIKLOW on his hand.❌

He has WHITLOW on his hand.✔️

4. He is a graduate OF Accounting.❌

He is a graduate IN Accounting.✔️

(Graduate IN…, not OF…)

5. He is a doctorate degree holder.❌

He is a doctoral degree holder.✔️

He is a doctorate holder.✔️

(‘Doctorate’ is a noun; ‘Doctoral’ is an adjective)

6. One faithful day…❌

One fateful day…✔️

7. Pray without season.❌

Pray without ceasing.✔️


8. In as much as…❌

Inasmuch as…✔️

9. Birds of the same feather.❌

Birds of a feather.✔️

10. Truth be told…❌

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If truth be told…✔️

11. Any time/moment from now…❌

Any time/moment now…✔️

12. He is a masquerade.❌

He is a masquerader.✔️

A masquerade is not a person; a masquerade is an event where masqueraders hold a display.

13. He is student OF Unilag.❌

He is a student AT Unilag.✔️

(Student AT + institution)

14. Let’s share the grace:❌

Let’s say grace:✔️

15. It picked my interest.❌

It piqued my interest.✔️

Did you learn something today?


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