How to use ‘Some’ and ‘All’ correctly in a sentence


‘Some’ and ‘All’ happen to be indefinite pronouns that can either be plural or singular. Many English users do not know which form of verb to use with them, either singular or plural, when these pronouns are used in the subject position. Let’s quickly unravel how to make use of them.

The verb to be used with ‘Some’ or ‘All’ when used in the subject position will be determined by the object of preposition that follows it. A noun or a pronoun can be the object of preposition.

With this, the verb to be used will be singular if the object of preposition is singular. For instance:

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Don’t say: Some of the book have torn.❌

Say: Some of the book has torn.✅

The object of the preposition ‘of’ is singular, so the verb must be singular as well.

Other examples:

Don’t say: All of the players has arrived.❌

Say: All of the players have arrived.✅

Don’t say: Some of the bag are missing.❌

Say: Some of the bag is missing.✅

I hope I’m clear enough.


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