Facebook explains what caused 7 hours outage


On Tuesday, Facebook stated that there was no ‘malicious activity’ behind an unprecedented outage of its services.

On Monday, the company had a seven-hour blackout when an upgrade to its core servers went wrong.

According to one source, the outage was exacerbated by ‘reduced personnel at data centres owing to pandemic precautions.’

Key card access was disrupted as a result of the outage, which prevented engineers from reaching critical physical servers.

Meanwhile, whistleblower Frances Haugen has criticised Facebook’s content algorithms for their lack of openness.

‘They have prioritised their enormous profits over humanity.’ ‘Congress ought to act,’ Haugen added.

Facebook has stated that there was ‘no malicious activity’ behind a seven-hour blackout that cost the organization an estimated $100 million in lost revenue and was worsened by remote working rules, according to analysts and insiders.

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The issue occurred after a week of catastrophes for Facebook, including a whistleblower testifying before Congress and describing the company’s artificial intelligence content algorithms as destructive and divisive.

On Tuesday, the organization discreetly amended a previous blog post to state that there was no nefarious intent behind the unprecedented downtime, implying that staff mistake was most likely to blame.


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